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Welcome to the Palm Beach Area Provider Network for Supported Employment. Project Team Participants are below. Contact them by clicking on their name.

Al Flores

United Way

Angie Hoffman Brevard Achievement Center 561-641-5891
Bonnie Schuler PBC School District 561-809-6349
Patricia Valle South Tech Charter Academy 561-369-7004

Connie Tucker

Palm Beach County School District

Davin Lin Palm Beach Habilitation Center 561-965-8500
Iris Neil PBC School District 561-434-8367

Joan Banner


Maryellen Jones Parent, BLN; business owner 561-756-3576
Sharyn Hancock Palm Beach County Alliance (One Stop) 561-340-1060

Pam Heyer

The Arc of PBC

Richard Wright Vocational Rehabilitation 561-650-6804
Rose Lee Archer Parent/Com Advocate/Bus Owner 561-241-7987

Subhash Vyas

Agency for Persons w/ Disabilities


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